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Ice Lolly & Recipe Booklet Comments



"Loved it, brilliant, yummy!" Maddie age 8

"I received the booklet yesterday. Many thanks for the quick dispatch.
           Very pleased with content and quality."  Sheila

"Received the book this morning, thank you for taking the trouble to post so quickly. I shall look forward to making them, both from a health perspective and cost."

Katherine, who plans to make the fruit ice lollies for her grandchildren

"It's such an easy way to get children to eat fruit!"
Yvonne, mum to Alexander age 6
"Thanks for the ice lolly book received yesterday. I am sure we are going to enjoy making these lovely healthy lollies, and the children are going to love eating them even more especially as it is extremely hot in Cape Town this time of year. The lollies over here are very expensive these days and there isn't much natural ingredients in them, only colorants and artificial flavouring, so our children are really in for a treat. Many thanks once again."
"I would enjoy eating these without feeling guilty!"
Joan, mother of two
"It's great, every time I have some ripe fruit I just use them to make ice lollies."
Jill, mum to Chloe and Emily


"I am impressed with your 'booklet' - it is very professional looking and really well laid out. Kate loved looking through the ice lolly booklet. We used the quantities from one of the ice lolly recipes to make a smoothie on Sunday. I am going to try and find some ice lolly moulds now as I have promised that we will make some in the holidays." 

Zoe, mum to Kate and Ewan

             "The ice lolly certainly tickles the taste buds!" Martin age 44


"A really super booklet, easy to follow instructions and fun to do. My girls really enjoyed making the different lollies - especially the traffic light ones. You can use their favourite fruits and it's a great alternative to sweets after school. Handy to have when unexpected friends pop around."

"I'm very impressed with your ice lollies book. It is so colourful and professional and makes your mouth water."

Joanne, mother of two, Nottingham

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