'Healthy Treats' made with 100% Fruit

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Making your own home-made ice lollies with fruit is easy and the added benefit is that they are healthy to eat too. Simple recipes and tips on how to make ice lollies solely using fruit can be found on this website.

Fruit ice lollies are a great alternative way to encourage children to eat fruit. Fruit can be quickly prepared, blended together and frozen to make the ice lollies or alternatively they can be made to look more appealing to children by following some simple tips.

The ice lollies can be made in different colours, flavours and patterns. The advantage is that they have no added sugar, preservatives, additives or concentrates. They are a great alternative to snacks with added sugar in them and it is an easy way to slip some extra fruit into your family's diet.

Ice lollies are handy to have in the freezer for when children come home and need something to eat quickly but you don't want to give them a sugary snack which will spoil their appetite for tea. The ice lollies take a little while to eat and it gives you a little time to get the meal ready.

Recipes for the home-made fruit ice lollies have a minimum of two different fruit blended together. Various tips on how to make ice lollies with fruit can be found on the Fruit Ice Lollies website. Some of the tips include:

* Making different ice lollies using the same fruit recipe 
* Achieving maximum flavour, colour and sweetness simply by using fruit

Our son's fruit taste was very limited. He didn't like mango but by mixing it with other fruit he was quite happy eating it in a fruit ice lolly. This worked with other fruit he wasn't keen on too.  It was a simple and quick way to vary and increase his fruit intake.

The 'Dapple' ice lolly is very simple and quick to make and looks effective when frozen. A fork is used to mash the fruit in this recipe so they are ideal to make if you haven't got a blender. Ice lolly moulds usually start appearing in large supermarkets when the weather starts to get a little warmer.

Creating your own flavours, naming the fruit lollies and getting the children involved all add to the fun. Our children loved putting the fruit puree in the ice lolly moulds. They made the above fruit lollies, 3rd from left aged 7, and were very proud of the results.

Late spring and summer is the best time to make the ice lollies as there is so much fruit to choose from. Lovely coloured ice lollies can be created using fruit and wonderful flavours can be blended together to make the purees. Summer fruit can be expensive but by blending them with other less expensive fruits only small quantities are needed and it makes a real difference to the taste. Fruit ice lollies are a refreshing treat in the summer but tasty in the winter too.

I have taken frozen fruit puree samples into a local school, toddler groups and nurseries to see if there was an interest in them. The reaction was very positive. The children were more than happy to try the fruit purees and they soon disappeared. The parent's reactions to the children's enjoyment of the purees was positive too. Many parents had tried to make their own ice lollies with fruit but had given up as their children didn't like them. Not all fruits go well together. I discovered that too but by persevering you soon develop a good knowledge of which fruits do go well together.

photo of healthy fruit ice lollies two in one tip  

red and orange ice lollies
(made in one batch)

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I still get enormous pleasure from making the fruit lollies even though I've been making them for many years now. Fruit ice lollies are not just for children, teenagers and adults enjoy them too. By creating this website I hope others will be tempted to make some ice lollies too and experience the satisfaction of making nutritious treats. I have put all my fruit ice lolly ideas and fruit combinations together into a recipe booklet. Genuine reactions to what others say about the fruit ice lollies and the recipe booklet have been put onto this website for others to see.


 Ice lolly recipes 

Banana and pineapple ice lollies                                                                   

2 very ripe bananas
1 small tin of pineapple (220g)
and juice (optional)

Prepare the fruit and blend the bananas,  pineapple and juice together. Pour into the ice lolly moulds and freeze immediately.

Makes about 6 lollies
(60 ml / 2 fl oz moulds)

Never use frozen fruit for these recipes!

photo of fruit ice lollies made with pineapple and banana

This is the recipe I use most often as the ice lollies are very quick and easy to make. 

Let the children know that the ice lollies won't be ready until the next day so they are prepared to be patient for the ice lollies to be frozen. If the ice lollies are made early morning they could be ready by tea-time depending on the size of the lollies or your freezer.


Tips  -  How to create different ice lollies
(using mango, pineapple and strawberries)

When making your own home-made fruit ice lollies make sure the fruit you use is ripe for optimum colour, flavour and sweetness. This is important because none of the fruit recipes have any added sugar in them. A little forward planning may be needed as not all fruit is completely ripe when you buy it. The best taste and colours are achieved by timing the ripeness of your fruit correctly. Unripe fruit can spoil an otherwise tasty ice lolly.


Tropical flavour fruit ice lollies

Hide and Seek ice lollies

photo of orange fruit ice lollies

photo of hide and seek fruit ice lollies


Tropical flavour ice lollies (above)

1 ripe mango
2 pineapple rings from a tin (more if you prefer)

Makes about 4 ice lollies (60 ml / 2 fl oz moulds)


1. Wash, peel and de-stone the mango.
2. Chop the two pineapple rings into smaller pieces.
3. Blend the pineapple and mango together.
4. Fill the ice lolly moulds with the puree and freeze.


Red fruit ice lollies

a photo of 3 red ice lollies made using fruit

Red ice lollies

Blend the mango, pineapple and washed and hulled strawberries. Add more strawberries for a darker red. Put into the ice lolly mould and freeze.

Releasing the ice lolly

To remove an ice lolly from its mould, once frozen, the individual mould needs to be held in a container filled with warm water or under a running tap until the ice lolly can be released. Enjoy!

Hide and Seek ice lollies (above)

Use the same prepared fruit as in the red ice lolly recipe (mango, pineapple and strawberries). Reserve some small chopped up pieces of fruit. Blend the fruit into a puree. Mix the small pieces  of  fruit with the puree, fill the ice lolly moulds and freeze.


For a different flavour and colour use a very ripe banana instead of a mango. The Dapple ice lolly looks attractive when frozen and an easy way to make the fruit lollies look more appealing to children.


Dapple fruit ice lollies

dapple ice lollies made with fruit strawberry mango and pineapple

Dapple ice lollies (above)

Chop the fruit (mango, pineapple and strawberry)  into small pieces and mash them up with a fork. Put the mashed up fruit into the ice lolly moulds and freeze.

These are just a few of the many different ice lollies that can be made simply by using mango, pineapple and strawberries, other tips can be found in the fruit ice lolly recipe booklet or you can follow me on my recently started home-made fruit ice lollies facebook page.



Fruit Ice Lolly Recipe Booklet

I've produced a simple booklet (using professional printers) which demonstrates fruit can be used in a fun and creative way. By following some of the tips in the 'Fun Ice Lolly section',  ice lollies can  made more appealing to children, the young at heart and may encourage some reluctant fruit eaters to eat more fruit. 

The booklet includes;

  • 48 different fruit combinations
  • 10 Fun Ice Lollies:
    Gentle Shade, Tandem, Sandwich, Stripy, Splodge, Splatter, Dapple , Hide and Seek, Guess which colour and Traffic Light
  • Coloured photographs of the Fun Ice Lollies
  • How to make 2 or 3 colours using 1 fruit recipe
  • Easy instructions
  • Suggestions for using purees in different ways
  • No need to freeze in stages with the patterned fruit lollies

The  inner pages of the A5 recipe booklet have been printed on gloss art 150gsm paper and the cover on 250gsm gloss art card. The outer cover has been laminated. 


The top of the 'homepage' and 'photo page' show some of the ice lollies in the booklet.

photo of recipe booklet on how to make ice lollies with fruit


Buy recipe booklet - 7.50

The ice lollies made with 100% fruit are very popular with our own children as well as with their friends.  I've been making different ice lollies and purees for over 12 years now and our children still enjoy them as so many different flavours, colours and patterns can be made.

My interest in making ice lollies with fruit started after experiencing Hyperemesis Gravidarum during pregnancy. Unable to eat healthily when I was expecting inspired me to provide our children with a healthy diet once they were born.
I am no nutrition or  cookery expert, BUT I am an enthusiastic Mum and qualified nursery nurse with many years experience of working with children in school, nurseries and in private homes as a nanny. I created the recipe booklet so that others could share these simple but effective ideas for making home-made fruit ice lollies.

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This unusual recipe booklet may appeal to parents, anyone who enjoys a healthy diet and individuals who love being creative in the kitchen.



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