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My passion for making ice lollies with fruit was influenced by a combination of the birth of our children and experiencing Hyperemesis Gravidarum during pregnancy. Unable to eat healthy during the first 5 months of pregnancy inspired me to provide our children with a healthy diet once they were born.
photo of our twins after birth
Twins a few days old
I started to make the fruit ice lollies to give to our children, as a healthy treat, when they were three. Seeing the delight on their faces inspired me to create many different ice lollies and I developed different techniques and short cuts over the years.
photo of myself, fruit ice lolly recipe booklet and different coloured ice lollies
Two different colours/flavours made in one batch
I am a Nursery Nurse and have worked in schools, nurseries and private homes as a nanny.  The ice lolly recipe booklet was created so that others could share these simple but effective ideas on how to make healthy, colourful treats for children by simply using fruit.

Tried and Tested  
Initially the ice lollies were sampled by our children and their friends but after creating the ice lolly recipe booklet I visited a school, nursery and playgroups where children eagerly tried the different frozen fruit purees and frequently came back for more. Genuine reactions to the fruit ice lollies and ice lolly recipe booklet have been recorded for others to see.

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